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by on Jun.13, 2010, under Lord of the Rings Online, Tutorials

Starting in late 2008 I did a series of podcasts under the name of LotROCast.  Unfortunately someone else also started to do podcasts in this name slightly after me and refused to give up the name.  I have to be honest with you all and say it put me off podcasting for quite some time.

I have recently got the itch again but before I start recording new episodes I am going to rebrand the old episodes as the new show and post them up.  Expect to see six episodes posted pretty much at the same time under this new name.

My goal will be to focus on a class, race, trait, skill or what ever other part of the game that I find interesting that most people might miss at first glance.  I’m also hoping to do some interviews with people who play classes that I don’t play to help everyone out there get a better understanding of them.

So what will be different between all the other Lord of the Rings Online podcasts out there?  Well I think the main difference is that I focus more on the actual learning tips and tricks of the game.  There will be more content based around the actual game mechanics and the lessons myself and others have learnt over the time we have played the game.

My aim is to be more instructional than to have a purely a news based podcast.  This doesn’t mean that any big announcements will be missed as I’d still like to cover anything that may have an effect on how people play the game.  I also would like to have special episodes every now and then that may waver from the purely instructional.  I’m not sure what that might be but just in case I’m saying it up front rather than have people upset that we wandered off track a little.

So in essence I would like to build a reference library of useful Podcasts that you can go back to and listen to refresh your memory on something about the game.  However I am wary of being too detailed on any subject.  Listening to an hour long show about one particular skill would be far too much for most.

So what about the new Free to Play model that Turbine is introducing?  Well I’m aware of the changes and my goal is to not be too specific on anything relating to how that might change the game until we see some hard facts about what those changes will actually be.

Also I want to announce some changes to the way that the idea of these Podcasts.  I want for them to be backed up by not only information and links but other material on the lotroworld.com website.  This may include video tutorials like the one on Assist Targets already posted on this site and also some other materials like screen shots.

If you have anything you’d like to contribute to the podcasts or to the lotroworld.com website feel free to send it in to me.   I’m open to suggestions, content or anything else you’d like to suggest to make this a success.  To do so just get in touch me by emailing sparthir@gmail.com.

Keep well and happy questing.

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  • Goldenstar

    I think its a great idea Sparthir! I look forward to your podcast!

  • Sparthir

    Thanks, I have to admit that I’m reprocessing six old episodes now. Should I release them once a week or all at once?

  • Steward of Gondor

    What about in two batches of three? That will let you get them out there relatively quickly and give you some breathing room to pull together some material for the new shows.

    Just a thought :)

  • Goldenstar

    I say go ahead and post them all at once. Then when you announce yourself to all of the internets they already have 6 episodes to devour!

    Let us know when you post your episodes so I can make a post on our site letting people come check you out!

  • Saks

    Hey Sparthir

    Welcome back, I look forward to you podcast and we the LotRO community will be better for it. I will ensure to take a listen and start to promote your show on my blog site.

    Good luck
    The Uruk Hunter

  • Sparthir

    I’ve made the executive decision to post them once a week. I think they will be too tempting to consume all at once and plus that gives me some lead time to produce some more.


    Now the only problem is where to host the mp3 files and rss feeds… bandwidth, bandwidth, bandwidth… :)

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