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Since recording the Fervour stance has been somewhat nerfed.  A -30% incoming healing really put the breaks on this stance.  So now in groups the Champion may use a different stance like Ardour or Glory.

One thing I did forget to mention is that this will not be a complete guide to the classes, just a quick overview.

Episode 2 – We are the Champions!

Champion Class

Hi, I’m a Champion and I like hitting things.

A Champion is a melee, DPS class. This means I am a close quarter’s combat class whose main goal is to do as much damage, quickly, to as many enemies as possible. A Champion starts off wearing medium armour but can use heavy armour at level 20 so can take a bit of damage.

Champions can do, what is known as, AoE damage. This stands for Area of Effect and means that with some skills we can damage more than one enemy close by. By reading our skills carefully when we get them we will find out what ones these are. Our first real AoE damage skill is called Blade Wall and can damage enemies in front of the Champion. Later some AoE skills allow us to damage enemies 360 degrees around us.

Champions have several stances they can be in but we tend to stay in only one or two stances. The main one being a stance called Fervour Stance that you get at level 4. Other stances allow you to drop damage output for more protection and as you go you will find when it is appropriate to use those. Some Champions use these other stances more often than most. Most Champions use these stances if playing solo but in a group especially with some healing and a tank we will feel far less inclined to use them and stay in Fervour Stance or the Controlled Burn stance both of which help generate fervour.

For champions to unlock some of our bigger hits we have to fill up a fervour bar to the point where the skill, that we want to use, becomes available. Some of the bigger hits require more fervour and some of the lesser ones require less.

Champions can obtain skills to give themselves some morale back but not large amounts. One is called Bracing Attack that we can get at level 14 and will give a smaller amount back with a 30s cool-down before it can be used again. It also requires a certain amount of fervour to be available. The second heal is called Dire Need that we get at level 30 and will cost 50% of available Power, double the power taken and convert it to Morale. It can be a big one off heal but most good champions will recommend filling up their power bar as much as possible before using it (more power means more morale!). Dire Need as standard has a 30 minute cool-down so it can not be constantly used.

We can tank or off tank but we are not as good as a Guardian at primary tanking. Off-tanking is when a champion (or another class) takes the attention of another enemy and keeps it busy for a while. There are many tactical reasons why this might be a good idea. One quest has two trolls that heal each other if they are too close together. Keep them apart and the group has a better chance of winning.

Another important, but often overlooked, skill that the champion has is Clobber. We can use this to interrupt some attacks or skills that a chosen enemy is trying use. It is especially useful to stop some enemies healing themselves or their allies and also it is great at stopping them trying to stun you. Usually the enemy will take some time to cast these skills or attacks so look out for the clues for when to use Clobber.

Personally this champion is still very much undecided which of the three available races is best to play a champion. I have an elf but men and dwarfs could also be a good alternative.

Well that is all for this episode.

Happy questing!

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