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LotroWorld.com Podcast: Episode Fourteen – Basic Guide to Making In-Game Money in Lord of the Rings Online

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Apology for the delay.  I’ve been slack, busy and unable to tee up a time to get a co-host.  Therefore you are stuck with me flying solo this episode.

In this short episode I want to talk about the basics of how to make money in Lord of the Rings Online.  Now don’t get me wrong.  I’m only talking about in-game money.  What I am talking about is that beloved copper, silver and gold game coins used to buy in-game items, repair, pay rents and give to friends to help them out.

So here are some of the basics.  Please note that there are many more ways to make money but these seem to me to work the best.

Questing, Runs and Chaining
Early on one of the main ways to earn money is to simply chain quests and kill along the way.  In addition you get to either sell the reward items or equip them and sell your old gear.

Sometimes you will find a run where if you go through an area and loop back the things you have killed at the start have re-spawned.  Or you find a loop of crafting nodes that do the same with enemies there as well.  Try and find areas with high concentrations of easy to loot mobs or nodes.  Be aware that being incapacitated too much costs more than it is worth in most cases.

If you can dove-tail quests, deeds or node runs do so.  Chain them together to get more in a shorter space of time.  If you are running randomly all over the map you will more than likely not make the most of your time.  Taking those few seconds to read where things are and figure out if there is a deed to kill something there pays much better dividends as far as your bank balance goes.

Making Money with Empty Bags
Keep stack-able items.  From killing enemies you usually get drops that have a brown background.  If you get more than one you will find that they can stack in the one bag slot.  So therefore you can have 10x Skulls that only take up one space.  Also most crafting nodes will drop items that will stack as well.

Your bags can be like the TARDIS if treated right.  It can look small on the outside but, if you stack them correctly, they can fit a lot.

Keep only items for yourself or the A/H if you think you can use or sell them for a nice profit.  E.g. Legendary Items.
You can usually throw items out of your bags that have grey, yellow and even purple backgrounds.  However be careful with them and always keep an eye out for special items.  Crafting items usually have a lighter green colour.

Be mercenary if it isn’t going to be of any use and it isn’t worth much… throw it out.

Be methodical.  Keep things in order in your bags so you can see what you have.

Throwing out stacks of 20 items at 2silver each (that will sell for 40silver) for stacks of 10 items at 8silver each is worth it because you will make a 40more silver.  Although be careful how much time it takes to gather the higher value items.  Their drop rates aren’t as good so it can take a lot longer.

Always be keeping an eye on your inventory.  Are all the items in there what you should be carrying around when questing?  Do you really need that cosmetic item in your bags for example?

Making the Most of Housing and Vault Space
Houses are a great for extra storage.  I generally prefer to have a larger house.  Short term it isn’t going to pay off.  However over the long haul you will find that because you can dump items into the chests and keeping your bags empty you will be able to make more money.  Within a few runs you have made a nice profit negating the cost of rent and eventually the purchase price of the house.

My advice is the same for those chests as it is with your Vault space and also Shared Storage and Wardrobe.  Only keep items in there that are worth keeping.  All too often I have gone into my vault and there are low level items that “might come in handy” but have been there for 6 months or more.  Just vendor them.  With the extra money you can make you more often than not can purchase things like health pots and other goodies.

Making Money on the Auction Hall
I’m no expert on the Auction House, sometimes called the AH, but I will share what I do know:

  • Search first.  Always take a look to see if the item is already available in the Auction House.  From there you can see if it is worth even selling and what the market prices are doing.
  • If an item is not present then you can try a higher price.
  • I suggest you use a Buy Out price.  I like to think of it as a Buy Now price.  Most people don’t like to wait and see and prefer to just buy the item then and there.
  • Put the item up for as long as you can.  Unless you know that the item will be sold in a heart beat give the market time to find it.
  • If you just want a high turn-over you can set an items Buy Out price a small amount less than the lowest price item.  You can sort by Buy Out price in your search results.
  • You can corner the market.  This technique is quite simple:
    • Search for the item you want to post.
    • If the results come back as only a few all with low priced Buy Out values then you may be in luck.
    • If you know it is going to be popular and you have the money to do so you can buy up all the items already posted then put them back on either all in one go or individually (essentially drip feeding them back into the market).
    • Be sure you can make a profit.  If you buy the existing ones for too high a price and you can’t move them you may end up making a loss.
    • The risks are that someone else can come along and undercut you by putting a competing auction at a cheaper price.
  • Don’t get sucked into buying that 20gold item because you think that you can sell it for more.  Be absolutely sure that you can.
  • Always be prepared that items might not sell or you might be better off to vendor the item.  You can’t always make a perfect profit on the AH.  Some days your guess on what will sell or for how much it will sell is wrong.

That is enough to get you started.

I hope you enjoyed this episode and don’t forget to visit http://www.lotroworld.com for this episodes show notes.

Happy questing.

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LotRO Fellowship Assist Targetting

by on Jan.04, 2010, under Lord of the Rings Online, Tutorials

This is a small tutorial on how to use the Fellowship Assist target window.  This system used to be only available in raids but now works in fellowhips.

So the ways I describe in the video to select the target of one of your fellowship are the following.

  • Click on the tiny little target icon next to their name.
  • Select your fellowship member and then hit the “F” key on your keyboard for target forwarding.
  • Select the fellowship member then look at their target selection as indicated by the highlight on the ground underneath the target and click on that (not mentioned in the video).
  • Use the Assist Window.  (Hint: this is what we prefer)

To see the Assist Window follow these instructions:

  1. Go to your Social Panel.  Usually by hitting the “o” key on your keyboard.
  2. Go the the Raid tab.
  3. Tick the Assist Window option.

Now who ever is the leader of the fellowship can select Assist Targets by:

  1. Right click on the fellow they wish to be an Assist Target
  2. In the drop-down go into the Fellowship option and click Add as Fellowship Assist Target
  3. For the leader of the fellowship they do not need to go into (nor will they see) the Fellowship in the drop down.

For some reason my mouse doesn’t show up on the video capture so hopefully this still makes sense.

For a better high quality video go here.

It is a great way to make what a fellowship member is targeting easier to select.

In our groups we prefer to have the tank and off tank/s as Assist targets so that the group can focus on their targets and not get distracted by other things that crowd control fellows can take care of.  I find this very useful when on my burglar, champion or hunter.  Yes I’m an alt-aholic. :)

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